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Apr 9 2019

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General Motors provided the motor vehicles for the series during the first 4 seasons – beginning in Season 5 the contract with GM was canceled since two of the leading roles (Chin Ho and McGarrett) drove vintage Ford vehicles (Chin with a 1966 Mustang coupe and McGarrett with a 1974 Mercury Marquis Brougham). This also affected the Honolulu P.D. squads used throughout the series – the Impala 9C1 after the 2013 model year (based on the previous 1996-2013 model sold as the Impala Limited, which is scheduled to be phased out in 2016) is only sold to fleets or rental car agencies. Also, the 2011-present Chevrolet Caprice PPV (which is the replacement for the Impala 9C1) is not sold to the general public – hence the production crew using the Impala for the squads. See more


The HPD police cruisers used throughout the series are the civilian-spec Chevrolet Impala sedans (2006 – 2013 including the 2014-16 Impala Limited) seen with the HPD livery. The Impala squads seen throughout the series have the 5-spoke alloy wheels – which is not available with the 9C1 police package option (2006 – present Impalas come with 16 inch steel wheels with bolt-on center caps or the full-wheel hubcaps seen on the civilian 2000-05 base Impala – 2012-16 models came with 17 inch steel wheels). Commencing in Season 7 this also applies to the civilian-spec 2007-14 Chevrolet Tahoe and 2011-17 Caprice PPV (while the newer models are not sold to the general public the 2011 model or those with over 100,000 miles are being are being seen during Season 7). See more




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A refreshing dose of action-packed escapism

This show feels like the antidote to all those forensic, gritty, supposedly realistic crime dramas out there today. Hawaii 5-0 2010 is no crime drama, and it s not meant to be. It s also not its father, and anyone looking for a straight remake of the original classic is setting themselves up for disappointment. It s an old-fashioned cop show, the concept updated for today s audience, but with story lines that Starsky Hutch would be proud of, providing a few more car chases down box-strewn alleyways were thrown in. It s Die Hard for the small screen

  • John McClane would fit right into the new 5-0 unit, fighting all the

terrorist/ninja/crooked cop types that Hawaii seems to be attracting like a magnet. Excellent action sequences, great gun fights, some entertaining relationships developing between the characters, and you know what? Sometimes things just go boom. Pure entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.

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