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Apr 8 2019

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Opens But Won – t Close – How To Fix It

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Opens But Won - t Close - How To Fix It, NEF2.COM

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Won’t Close Door

I’ve been a huge fan of LiftMaster Garage Door Openers for years. I like them so much because they work very well and last a long time. So this winter when I started having trouble with my door opener I was a bit puzzled and frustrated. However, as you’ll learn below the solution to this problem was extremely easy to fix and something you should know for the future.

The Problem. The door would always open fine but then would have trouble closing. Sometimes it would close part way before stopping and reversing and other times it wouldn’t open at all. Another clue to the mystery was if you held the wall switch the door would completely close. However, the remote would not be able to close the door even if you held the button.

The Solution : Adjusting the Protector System® sensors fixed my problem and the door now operates correctly.

The Protector System® Safety Reversing Sensors

Years ago garage door openers were required to utilize safety sensors to prevent doors from closing on small children. LiftMaster uses the Protector System® which projects an invisible light beam across the door opening and automatically opens the door if something/someone crosses it’s path.

So at first I didn’t think the Protector System® was to blame. Each time the door was having trouble I’d get out of my truck and check to be sure the path between the sensors was all clear. Each time I’d discover nothing in the way so I figured the sensors were fine.

Adjusting Reversing Sensors

In order for the safety reversing sensors to work properly they must be aligned correctly. One of the sensors is a sending unit (shoots the light out) and the other is a receiver which ‘catches’ the light beam. The following comes from the User’s manual:


  • Plug in the opener. The indicator lights in both the sending and receiving eyes will glow steadily if wiring connections and alignment are correct.

The sending eye amber indicator light will glow regardless of alignment or obstruction. If the green indicator light in the receiving eye is off, dim, or flickering (and the invisible light beam path is not obstructed), alignment is required.

  • Loosen the sending eye wing nut and readjust, aiming directly at the receiving eye. Lock in place.
  • Loosen the receiving eye wing nut and adjust sensor until it receives the sender’s beam. When the green indicator light glows steadily, tighten the wing nut.

So there you have it. If your garage door opens ok but won’t close then it’s possible the safety reversing sensors are not correctly aligned. Don’t just assume that if the path is clear that the sensors are ok. This problem bugged me for several months. Hopefully after you read this you won’t have the same problem in the future.

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So I was working on a commercial liftmaster door and I tried adjusting the sensors and nothing happened. I called tech support and they said it was probably the circuit board but I wanted to be sure. The master light blinks 5 times and the radio light stays solid amber. The light went off while adjusting the emitter sensor but at first but after I couldn t get the light to go out again even when I pushed the radio button on the board itself. Any ideas? Is it actually the circuit board?

Christophe Bobda says:

Wonderfull hint.
Thanks so much. My garage would not close with the remote. This has been going on for 2 month. I always have to close from the switch. After reading this post, I went and check the sensor alignment. I figure out the screw holding the sender was loose and it was facing down. I put it back and everything is working just fine. I spent no more than 1 minute on it.

Thanks again for saving me money and time

Steve Ussery says:

My girlfriend called the garage door company to come out and look at the garage door opener with same problem. She said he didn t do anything but wanted to sell her a new $700.00 opener. Luckily there was no charge. After pulling up your link I was able to fix the opener within minutes. Thanks for your help!

Our will open but not close and has 2 safety sensors and only one has a green light ,could this be my problem .

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