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Mar 14 2019

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, medical insurance billing and coding schools.

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Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Medical insurance billing and coding specialists play an important role in health care and are vital team members in a medical office. Read on to learn more about medical insurance billing and coding professionals.

Inside Medical Billing and Coding

Medical insurance billing and coding specialists are sometimes referred to as medical records or health information technicians. These professionals are a key component in keeping doctor offices and hospitals running. Often, their work consists of updating patient accounts by processing medical records and data, assigning codes to insurance claims and processing these claims. They may also contact patients regarding billing and insurance questions. Medical insurance billing and coding professionals are ultimately responsible for making sure that patients and insurance companies are billed correctly by health care providers.

Education Information

The path into the medical insurance billing and coding field usually begins with students enrolling in a diploma, certificate or degree training program, which are typically offered at community colleges and technical schools. Classes may include medical terminology, clinical classification, coding systems, claims processing, medical insurance, medical reimbursement, anatomy and physiology. Review the following articles from for more information:

Distance Learning Options

Distance learning programs are becoming a very popular choice among many students, because of the convenience and flexibility that the programs provide. The articles shown here offer more information about online learning programs.

Career Options

There are a variety of specializations for those with training in this field, including insurance coder and biller, billing coordinator or patient service coordinator. Review the links below for more details about employment in this field.

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