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Dec 5 2017

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Welcome to Callcenter App

Our Call Center Application allows the smaller call centers to log every call that comes in and to be re-directed either by text, email, fax or verbally. This system can have as many clients as the company needs to service their cliental. It is a very simple system that will allow you to track all the calls that come into your call center, which in turn allows you to easily create invoices at the end of the billing period.

How it works

  • The callcenter Application will log the call into the system then re-route the message to either text, email, fax or verbal message automatically.
  • You can generate reports for single employees or for entire company. You can look at each report on the screen or prepare a report to email/fax your clients. There are many search parameters that you can enter to create unique reports for your self or your clients.
  • Each message is time stamped when the call came in and when it was re-routed. We also attach the operators name so if there is any problems with the message, it will be easier to tracked down the employee to fix the problem.

Custom Fit To Your Business

We can customize this application to suit your business needs. We know every call center may have different needs from this script so we have allowed the script to be user friendly in custom making there forms for different companies. We can also add in different features to the application if you require a different approach to the application.

We can also customize the HTML email that is sent out with every email or fax. Please visit pricing for more information.

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