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Nov 6 2017

Log analytics and configuration management software for network security devices

Gaining network activity insights and keeping abreast about firewall log is a challenging task as the security tool generates a huge quantity of traffic logs. Introducing Firewall Analyzer, an agent less log analytics and configuration management software that helps network administrators to understand how bandwidth is being used in their network. Firewall Analyzer is vendor-agnostic and supports almost all open source and commercial network firewalls such as Check Point, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Palo Alto and more,

Compliance Management

Automate compliance audits with out-of-box reports and get your firewall security validated with security audit and device configuration analysis reports.

Change Management

Get instant notification about the changes made and get a complete trail of all the changes done to your firewall configuration with Change Management reports.

User internet activity monitoring

Automatically identify users across various categories such as streaming videos, file sharing networks, social networks etc. This gives you greater visibility into the high risk users.

Network Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

Perform network behavioral analysis by monitoring for sudden spikes in bandwidth consumption and get in-depth details about users.

Firewall Policy Management

Analyze the usage and effectiveness of the Firewall rules and fine tune them for optimal performance.

Real-time VPN and Proxy Server Monitoring

Obtain active VPN users, user-specific user group specific VPN usage, sessions, and bandwidth consumed.

Network Security Management

Get detailed information on all possible network attacks and security breaches in your network.

Network Forensic Audits

Search the logs and pinpoint the exact log entry which indicates the cause of the security event in minutes.

Log Analysis

Gain insight into security threat and traffic behaviour to improve the network security posture.

Unlock the real value of your security devices

  • Supports an extensive array of perimeter security device logs which include firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS and proxy servers
  • Provides a wide range of reports for external threat monitoring, change management and regulatory compliance

Attractive TCO and rapid ROI

  • No additional hardware required, minimal entry cost and maintenance inclusive subscription model ensures a low TCO
  • Competitively priced. Quick deployment, instant results, reduced IT overhead ensures rapid ROI

Meet dynamic business needs quickly

  • Rapidly transforms perimeter security device logs into actionable information
  • Generates reports in user friendly formats like PDF and CSV formats

Productivity improvement for IT / MSSP

  • From product deployment to report generation in minutes!
  • Real-time alerts to security events enable IT to respond instantaneously to security threats

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