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Oct 14 2017

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Our Livermore Carpet Cleaning Service Serves The Entire Tri-Valley!


There are more than a dozen carpet cleaning companies in the city of Livermore, California. If you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned, are new to the area and haven t picked a favorite carpet cleaner, or are dissatisfied with a previous cleaner s past work, we d like to take a moment to tell you what sets Eminent Carpet Cleaning apart on the local business scene.

We re Proudest of the Things You ll Love Best!
In the years we ve spent serving the Tri-Valley area, the qualities we ve learned to take most pride in are the ones our customers tell us make the biggest difference to them. It might be a difference in convenience, a difference in work that s guaranteed, or just a friendlier approach to helping you keep a spotless home. If you call Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we believe that the following difference-makers will ensure that we become your favorite carpet cleaning company.

1) Our Company Owner is On the Job, Every Job
What this means to you: Because owner Adrian Guinn personally oversees every carpet cleaning project, you know that work in your home is being done with maximum skill and maximum accountability. Many other carpet cleaning businesses send out cleaners who may be on the lower rungs of the staff. Having Eminent Carpet Cleaning s owner present means that you are dealing directly with the head of the company.

2) We Guarantee Our Work
What this means to you: Because we stand by our 30-day spot removal guarantee, this means our skilled professional cleaners spare no effort in getting the job done right the first time. We do not rush through jobs. When we arrive at your home, you can expect a deep, professional cleaning. If any spots reappear within 30 days, we will return and re-clean them at no extra charge to you. Guaranteed!

3) We Have an A+ BBB Rating and Awesome Yelp Reviews
What this means to you: On the one hand, we ve received the highest possible rating from professional standard-setter, the Better Business Bureau, meaning you can feel secure in our long track record of success. At the same time, if you tend to put most faith in what your neighbors say about the quality of Tri-Valley area businesses, our reviews on Yelp speak volumes about why we re our customers favorite local carpet cleaning service. We want to become your favorite, too!

4) The Best Tools Mean the Most Convenience For You
What this means to you: Eminent Carpet Cleaning has made a substantial investment in the best professional carpet cleaning tools on the market. Included in our tool lineup are custom-made inline filters that generate quicker carpet drying times than any other local company can provide. This means that your household can be back to walking on your carpets in the least possible amount of time. This makes a huge difference for customers with busy schedules.

5) We Think Friendliness Matters in Business
What this means to you: For most people, having service providers come for appointments represents some measure of inconvenience. We ve learned that it makes a big difference to our customers if everyone on our staff is a pleasure to work with. We hire professionals you ll be happy to have in your home. We drive company vehicles, wear company uniforms and treat every neighbor with care and respect. We always want you to be glad that Eminent Carpet Cleaning is on the job.

Eminent Carpet Cleaning offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Mountain House, California. We know that you have dozens of local carpet cleaning services to choose from. We hope that our short list of our customers favorite Eminent Carpet Cleaning attributes will help you decide that we are a company you d like to do business with. We are here to serve you and ready to take your call.

Call (925) 570-0833 to Schedule an Appointment!


Our name says we do carpets but Dublin, California neighbors know we re really proud of delivering the finest local tile cleaning results, too! Check out this video and see us take a tile floor in Dublin from grimy to gleamingly clean! What we did for this homeowner, we can do for you, too and at a great price.

The Real Dirt on Tile Floors

It s a funny thing about tile floors. In most homes in the Tri-Valley area, tile is found in the two rooms most closely associated with the need to maintain a sanitary environment: the bathroom and the kitchen. Tile floors look so spotless and beautiful when they are first installed, and they are meant to be easy to clean, but no other surface looks dirtier faster than a tile floor.

Whether you ve got dark tile with light streaks all over it, or light-colored tile growing dingy and grey, a dirty tile surface makes a whole room look messy and worn. Are you finding that you re embarrassed directing company to your guest bathroom? Or, perhaps, you re about to put an apartment up for rent or your home up for sale and the kitchen and bathroom floors are bringing the visual appeal and value of the whole property down.

That s a sure sign it s time to phone Eminent Carpet Cleaning at (925) 570-0833 to light up your life with a powerful session of professional tile cleaning!

We ll Revive Your Tile Floors in 5 Easy Steps

We clean ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone floors. We make the process of having your floors cleaned as easy as possible for you.

Step 1. Call us and invite us out to join you in a visual inspection of your tile floors. Our friendly, trained technicians will look closely at the whole area and make sure there are no damaged grout areas.

Step 2. Our company vehicle and technician arrive at your home to pre-spray the tile and grout. We utilize a very special solution that will break down the buildup of grease and oils on your floor.

Step 3. Don t feel ashamed if your floor has gotten really dirty. We can agitate the pre-spray in the grout with a grout brush, if necessary.

Step 4. We fire up our truck-mounted machine to rinse away the pre-spray with hot water at a very high pressure. Your floor will be looking fantastic by now!

Step 5. If you like, we can professionally seal your grout after cleaning the floor. Sealing the grout will prolong the new cleanly appearance of your floor.

If you watched our video, you were seeing the professional tile cleaner s #1 choice for open area cleaning: the Turbo Hybrid. This remarkable tool enables us to apply up to 2,500 psi of pressure to the dirt on your floors. We can typically clean between 500 and 1000 square feet of tile flooring in about an hour, and thanks to the automatic vacuum compensator in the Turbo Hybrid, your floors will be dry very quickly. At Eminent Carpet Cleaning, we believe you deserve to have the very best tools used in home cleaning appointments, and that s why we ve invested in the Turbo Hybrid.

To deliver 5 star satisfaction, it s our policy to put our professional tools in the right hands. We employ trained technicians who take personal satisfaction in hard work and a job well done. Our employees wear company uniforms, drive company vehicles and speak English. Your home will be treated with respect by every technician at Eminent Carpet Cleaning.

Phone Eminent Carpet Cleaning and Take Pride Once Again in Your Shining Tile Floors! Call (925) 570-0833.

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