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Sep 22 2017

Laser Hair Removal – Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics Cairns Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics Cairns, brazilian laser hair removal pain.#Brazilian #laser #hair #removal #pain


brazilian laser hair removal pain

Have you ever imagined yourself free of embarrassing facial and body hair? Or imagined being free from daily shaving and tedious plucking? Now with Laser Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ you can forget about endless waxing and unsightly ingrown hairs too!

Laser Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ combines cutting-edge medical laser technology with comfort and convenience. This breakthrough, revolutionary technology is regarded as The Gold Standard of hair removal and described as the most comfortable, yet effective hair removal treatment available.

Brazilian laser hair removal pain

  • NO medication or other pre-treatments required
  • Far fewer treatments required compared to other hair removal options
  • Far superior to IPL, SPL, VPL hair removal treatments
  • More complete in coverage than other hair removal options
  • Comfortable on all parts of the anatomy
  • Recovery-free! Return to your normal activities immediately
  • No redness, swelling or irritation*
  • All skin colours, including tanned skin, as well as most hair types
  • All ages, Men and Women and all body parts!
  • Perfect for any area of the body including more sensitive areas like Face, Brazilian and Bikini

How does Laser hair removal work?

Laser light penetrates deep into the dermis where the hair bulb is located. The melanin absorption (at wavelength 1064nm) travels down the hair shaft to effectively destroy even the deepest hair bulbs without pain or discomfort .

What does the treatment feel like?

Most people describe the sensation of Laser Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ as a warm and relaxing feeling, a warm ultrasound or a gentle oil massage.

Is the procedure safe?

Laser hair removal is now accepted as the safest and most effective treatment for the removal of unwanted pigmented hairs. The Laser is so safe, even the darkest skins can have hair removal done. Unlike with IPL where it would burn the skin.

How many Laser treatments will I need?

The ideal number of treatments is determined by several factors including the treatment area, hair density, ethnic background and in some cases even medications. For this reason a free consult to assess and advise each and every client is offered prior to treatment.

What areas can be treated with Laser Pain-Free, Hair-Free™?

All facial and body areas may be treated regardless of age, sex or skin colour. The most popular areas for women are the face, underarms, brazilians and legs. For men the most popular areas are brazilians, backs and chests. However both sexes show an equal desire for a smooth hair free look, so all areas of unwanted (or embarrassing) hair are often treated.

My back and shoulders were very hairy (like a rug) and I hated it! I ve had 8 laser treatments and now all the hair is gone. Very happy with my new buff look!* – Charlie Cole, Tablelands

I started with my lip, chin and underarms first and then did my brazilian and now my legs. I love laser hair removal, its the best! – Cassie Barker, Cairns

Before Laser I had 12 treatments of IPL on my back, neck and shoulders. It was painful and most of the hair grew back! Laser is much better, no pain and all the hair is gone!* – Matt Matua, Gordonvale

Brazilian laser hair removal pain

Penetration Levels of Laser Hair Removal

As is illustrated in the graph FIG1.1, our laser (listed as ND:YAG ) penetrates the deepest into the dermis, enabling full removal of hair folicles so they do not return. Alternative hair removal treatments are unable to fully destroy the hair folicle, meaning you ll find a return of hair growth after some time.

I wanted to be hair free after the required number of laser treatments. I am absolutely satisfied and have noticed the difference after only two treatments. I will be recommending it. Laser works and it’s painless!* – Alana R Cairns

Brazilian laser hair removal pain

I wanted HAIR GONE! I am very satisfied, best money spent and so happy! I have already recommended HairFreePainFree™ Laser to others. All hair has gone as well as my skin is so soft! Thank you so much Karen.* – Jess R – Palm Cove

* Individual results may vary based on personal circumstances and conditions.

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