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Sep 8 2017

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Aurora Bail Bonds

Aurora Bail Bonds

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While selecting a guarantor for your case requires you to go with heart, it is important that consider taking professional with you. At Aurora Bail Bond Firm, we are knowledgeable the bail bond process in Aurora County, Colorado. Let us break it down for you;

Understanding our Bail Process and Services in Aurora County

Familiarizing yourself with the bail process ensures that the defendant is smoothly kept away from the Aurora County jail. Also, understanding the role of a professional, licensed bail bondsman eliminates the fear stemming out from the lack of knowledge of how the process works. It will also save the defendant’s family a lot of mental pain and torture that comes with getting their loved one released from custody.

Posting Bail

The process of posting bail is mainly a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a bail guarantor and the party posting bail known as a cosigner. Here, the guarantor guarantees the court that the defendant will appear at court hearings as expected. However, if he fails to appear for a hearing, the bond acts as a cover for him.


In Aurora County, this service attracts not more than 15% of the total bail amount. The fee covers for all the service the cosigner or defendant get from the time he is arrested for the time he secures a release after the bail is posted. As for us, we assure you to pre-approve the cosigner or defendant within five minutes of the initial call.

To gain more trust with our services, we will request to meet with the defendant family or friend to complete the paperwork. Here we will take you through the paperwork, handing you itemized receipts on payment made then proceed to post the bail to secure the defendant’s release.

The good thing about Aurora County is that collateral is it a house, car, boat or jewelry among others is not always requested for to secure an individual’s freedom. Moreover, more often than not, the defendant can be bonded from jail on the signature of a friend or member of the family. However, what matters most is that the cosigner must have a job and live at their residence.


Several factors affect the timing of the bond, and they include;

  1. The number of inmates getting into a correction facility.
  2. The staff at hand to process prisoners in a facility.
  3. The sum of charges levelled against the defendant.
  4. The total amount of bail bonds posted at the facility.

Typically, Aurora takes about half an hour to two, to get bond posted and defendant release. For new inmates that have just gotten to the facility, it may take longer unlike when they would have stayed for a while in the correction facility.

Worry not because we are here for you. Just contact us through our number 303-778-0026, anytime, and we will surely attend to your case.

 Aurora Jail: 303-739-6194

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