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Aug 3 2017

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There’s Something Terribly Wrong with the Home Security Industry

SimpliSafe is Not for you if.

You have a HUGE home: If your home is larger than 20,000 square feet (about the size of a football field)—or if it has more than 50 windows on the first floor—you would probably benefit from a system that can handle a huge number of sensors. Our advice would be to go to a traditional contract security company—and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.

You run a large commercial property such as a shopping mall—you would probably benefit from a system that has CCTV or security guards, in which case you should probably go to one of them.

However, if you’re one of the 95% of people who don’t have a huge home, & don’t run a large commercial property, then SimpliSafe is probably the best choice for you.

If you’re in any doubt, contact one of our security consultants for free friendly advice.

More Reviews:

No installation, no annual contracts, very smart.

They’re cheaper and don’t require hardwiring like traditional services do. You’ll be alerted by phone, text message, or email if a door or window is opened.

David vs Goliath, SimpliSafe vs ADT: SimpliSafe aims to upstage their larger rivals by giving consumers what they really want. Even without fancy marketing, word is spreading.

Check out SimpliSafe’s 5-Minute Installation Video

Wireless Wonders: SimpliSafe is an affordable, but full-featured, wireless security system similar to the expensive, professionally installed ones.

Strong Recommend: This is a system anyone could setup in under 30 minutes. If you’ve got a car alarm, using the SimpliSafe system will come as naturally and easily. All sensor units come prepared with removable adhesive backs (the 3M variety that adheres well, but removes easily).

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