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Jul 31 2017

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Information – News #microsoft #exchange #replacement, #exchange #server #2013


Exchange Server 2013

Arbitration mailboxes made their appearance in Exchange 2010 as a special form of mailbox that is designed to be used by Exchange itself rather than a user. In short, there are times when Exchange needs to stuff data away for one reason or another and it makes sense to use a mailbox for this purpose. After all, mailboxes go in databases and can be protected by high availability, and so on The full set of arbitration mailboxes is exposed in all its glory by running the command. More

The revelations (last October) that Microsoft is quietly recycling email addresses from its Hotmail, Live, and domains might have come as a surprise to some. According to an email statement from Microsoft to cited in the article, when an account becomes inactive, the email account is automatically queued for deletion from our servers. More

The dumpster has been a feature of Exchange since Exchange 2000 to provide a last-chance opportunity for users to recover deleted items without having to ask an administrator to restore data from a backup. The current implementation, introduced in Exchange 2010, uses a folder structure under the Recoverable Items folder rather than a special database view. More

It s taken me a while to get around to mentioning the rather useful Database Growth Reporting script for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 that was described on the EHLO blog in January. My apologies for this lapse in service. All I can plead is that other stuff got in the way between now and then and that I never really had a chance to test the code out thoroughly, which is a prerequisite before commenting on software. More

I received quite a few notes after recent posts covering how Exchange s storage demands have evolved over the last decade and what this means for third-party vendors who sell high-end storage. Some pointed out that the storage vendors won t mind too much if some of their market has disappeared because Exchange now favors JBOD. More

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